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Iota Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. continues to raise awareness of critical health issues impacting African-American women. Please check out some of our FREE resources/articles located below.

Stress Management


Is it Coronavirus, The Flu, A Cold or Allergies? Here’s How to Tell

By Black

9 Key Items (Besides Keys!) That Every Sister Should Keep in Her Purse

Meet the moment calm, happy and put together with these handy helpers in your handbag or tote. Plus: 7 things to remove immediately for your protection.

By Tracy E. Hopkin

Halle’s Happy at 55 as Career, Family and New Love Thrive

Plus: What she told us about aging beautifully, how experiencing domestic violence informed her directorial debut and her powerful spiritual awakening.

By Natasha Stoynoff For AARP

40 Ways Walking Can Improve Our Lives (and Our Looks!) After 40

Better skin, sex, vision, hearing, sleep, friendships, memory … and much, much more!

By Editor In Chief Claire McIntosh

I Walked Daily, Rain or Shine, for 1 Month. Here’s What Happened

Whether it’s fitness, meditation, nutrition-tracking or another activity, starting and keeping a self-care streak can be seriously life-changing.

By Shawn N. Simmons As Told To Tracy E. Hopkins

Tips to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

By Black Health

When It’s Harder to Fall Asleep During Summer

Naturally balancing a key hormone with a few pleasant habits supports a good night’s rest and may help protect Black folks against that COVID Delta variant.

By Gerrie Summers

Lamman Rucker at 50: “My Deepest Fear Is…”

By Black

*Special thank you to AARP our continuous partner.

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